SELECTED COMPOSITIONS (works with no publisher’s reference are available through the composer)

Audio files and publisher information will be forthcoming. Music with * may be purchased from Flute World


Blues Man/Poet Woman,* for flute/voice (2004) 6’ Arizona University Publications

Border Crossings at Sunset, for flute/voice (2008) 2’

Dark was the Night, for solo guitar (1994) 10’

Mamiwata, for solo marimba (1998) 10’

Mobius Trip, for solo flute (1973) 7’

Omaggio a(n) Tony, for soprano or mezzo (2004) 3’

Profaning the Sacred II,* for voice/flute/alto flute (2008) 8’ Arizona University     Publications

Sometimes the City is Silent,* for solo flute (2002) 5’30”

Speechscape, for solo alto saxophone (1985) 8’30” Needham Publishing Company

Sub-Music and Song, for solo flute (1983) 6’30” Margun Music

Una voce perduta, for solo alto flute (2003) 3’

Uncommon Time, for solo flute (1991) 5’30” Margun Music (also playable with frame drum improvisation)


Agitación, for two pianos and percussion (2005) 17’

Alles wandelt sich, for flute/piccolo, cl/bass cl, cello and percussion (2006) 6’

Alone Together, for bass clarinet and double bass (1987) 13’ Margun Music

Cantus Interruptus, for alto and tenor saxophones, percussion, and piano (1993)10’

Margun Music

Deconstruction Blues, for English horn (alto saxophone) and keyboard synthesizer (1991) 11’

Dichophony, for two trumpets (1990) 2’

Elisions, for eighteen winds (1981) 21’

Ellipse, for baritone saxophone, violin, viola and cello (2009) 13’

Everything Changes, for flute/voice and percussion (2007) 10’ Notated material with                                                                       limited improvisation

Juba-lee, for orchestra ( 2001)10’

Luminaria, for orchestra (1995) 10’ rental, G. Schirmer, Inc.

On Thin Ice, for flute, and guitar or marimba  (1988,1999) 10’ Margun Music

Paradigms, for seven flutes, percussion and bass 1977) 18’; abridged version, 10’ (2001)

Profaning the Sacred, for voice/flute/alto flute and bass clarinet/clarinet (2000) 17’ Arizona University Publications

Sermon of the Middle-Aged Revolutionary Spider, for tenor and nine instruments
(with optional Gospel Choir (1997) 26’

String Quartet No. 1 (1983)  21’

Transfusions, for alto and tenor saxophones, trumpet and trombone (1984) 10’

Trash Talk, for saxophone quartet (1999) 11’

Vanishing Points/Quantum Leaps, for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano (1979) I, 8’; I – III 20’

A Voice Lesson, for soprano, mezzo or tenor and piano (2006) 2’20”

X-marks, for mixed ensemble (2007) 8’ – 13’ Notated and graphic notation, improvisation


Mad Song, for speaker, a cappella chorus (1975) 18’


After the History, for voice/flute and percussion (1991) 13’  Notated and improvisational material

Are You Ready?  for solo voice (1995) 10’ Instructions and improvisational material

The Gift of Tongues, with Catherine Slade, actor 10’ (1999) Voice and electronics, flute/voice    Notated and improvisational material

Give Me an A!  for voice/flute (1999) 8’ Notated and improvisational material

Kiddush, for voice/flute (1998) 6’ Notated and improvisational material

Motel...loneliness, for voice/flute (1997) 6’ Notated and improvisational material

Rush Life Rush, for voice, flute, and percussion (1992) 15’  Notated and improvisational material

Scat/Rap Counterpoint, for voice and percussion (1993) 10’  Written text only

A Silent Woman, for vocalist, voice/flute, clarinet and piano (2002) 14 ‘ Notated and improvisational material

Full Fall Five, for solo voice (2006) 5’ Written text only